The US is home to the world's most dominant air guitarists. And as such, the AirForce is home to the US' elite air guitarists. The AirForce was born out of the SF/Bay Area, in 2010, after an immortal showing at the legendary Fillmore West, and comprised of the Bay Area's most dominant airists, the Original 12, formed by SF master air guitarist, Tiger Claw.

The family first started out with a world champion (Hot Lixx Hulahan), a legend (Bjorn Turoque), and several veterans of the trade, of which four from SF went on to win multiple regional championships over the years since the US Air Guitar Competition came to SF in 2006. In 2010, US Air Guitar issued an award - the Profile of Excellence in the Field of Magnificence, to two individuals, both from SF.

2011 saw the expansion of the AirForce as a show of appreciation, a way to honor, and an effort to bring those who would express the same appreciation, honor, love, passion and dedication to the art the AirForce holds so dearly, together as one.

The AirForce is proud to be represented in other regions, in addition to SF's Golden Gate Chapter, throughout the US: Capitol (DC), Cascadia (Seattle), Chi-Town (Chicago), Mid-Atlantic (Charlottesville), MidWest (Kansas City), NorthEast (NY), Pacific Coast (Los Angeles), PacNorWest (Portland), SoCal (San Diego), SouthBay (San Jose, closed), Southern (Houston), Twin Cities (Minneapolis), the UK, and Russia.

We are the jedi masters of air guitar. AirForce Command, is strong, with the force.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zona In Da Hizzah..

First, the Claw disclaimer. Our elite force, based on the sheer comraderie of all, air guitar will always be the foundation, but as a secondary family, Claw would like to think, and prefers to believe, has transcended. This means whatever happens in our lives, each of us are welcome to the events of others, air guitar-related, OR NOT.

After all, as much as air guitar means to the Claw, seeing other air guitarists playing actual, real, guitar, technically, should be considered a sin, as dictated by the air guitar gods, but Claw extends a pass anyway. Call it a mulligan. But only to family members.

Claw will update soon on the tri-gathering (Hot Lixx, Cold Steel, Awesome) at Gilman this evening, for which Claw was unable to attend. He did have a chance to swing by for a cameo at our correspondent's gallery get-together. That would be April Air-Niel's soiree, at her homebase, the Cafe Royale, at Post/Leavenworth. It was a composite of 8 different artists in the field of photography. April was prominently displayed, aside all the other, dare I say, inferior, wall-mounted attempts at capturing something in the still of the moment.

But seriously, folks, it was a nice display of the world around us, in color, and black 'n'white, for all to see. O'Niel was the shizziel. Nice work, Zona, the mastadona, of the new world.

Of course, Claw wouldn't be Claw without stirring up the shiznit by swearing, hot damn, not a single shot of one of us on stage, doin' our thang, holdin' nothin' in biggie. That's reserved for another day, when it's all about us, and nothing else. All in good time.

Like Claw says, it's about you and what you're doing, and not about us and what we're doing...

"In space, no one can hear you play."

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