The US is home to the world's most dominant air guitarists. And as such, the AirForce is home to the US' elite air guitarists. The AirForce was born out of the SF/Bay Area, in 2010, after an immortal showing at the legendary Fillmore West, and comprised of the Bay Area's most dominant airists, the Original 12, formed by SF master air guitarist, Tiger Claw.

The family first started out with a world champion (Hot Lixx Hulahan), a legend (Bjorn Turoque), and several veterans of the trade, of which four from SF went on to win multiple regional championships over the years since the US Air Guitar Competition came to SF in 2006. In 2010, US Air Guitar issued an award - the Profile of Excellence in the Field of Magnificence, to two individuals, both from SF.

2011 saw the expansion of the AirForce as a show of appreciation, a way to honor, and an effort to bring those who would express the same appreciation, honor, love, passion and dedication to the art the AirForce holds so dearly, together as one.

The AirForce is proud to be represented in other regions, in addition to SF's Golden Gate Chapter, throughout the US: Capitol (DC), Cascadia (Seattle), Chi-Town (Chicago), Mid-Atlantic (Charlottesville), MidWest (Kansas City), NorthEast (NY), Pacific Coast (Los Angeles), PacNorWest (Portland), SoCal (San Diego), SouthBay (San Jose, closed), Southern (Houston), Twin Cities (Minneapolis), the UK, and Russia.

We are the jedi masters of air guitar. AirForce Command, is strong, with the force.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red Fang Onslaught

October 25, 2011. Portland AirForce elite, Tony Tapatio, dominated the Red Fang Air Guitar Battle to rise to the top. As it should be. If you're going to stage a battle, expect at least one elite special force member to show up, air guitar axe in hand, to be swung, with vengeance, taking out everyone else in its path. Check out this over-the-top, excellently-represented performance that shows why Tony is elite.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

tiger claw holiday snippet

Hey everyone, Claw was at a vendor holiday party, and the band saw me airing to them. during a break, air guitar was explained, as well the real guitar background, as a way of respect that we have for both. They also got the TC USAG trading card. During the second set, the band called out to Claw to join them for an impromptu cameo performance to J.J. Cale's The Breeze, made famous by Skynyrd. The video was taken by a work associate on his iPhone, so please excuse the grittiness on the visual. Also, it's only one minute, but hey, when we go onstage, all we get is a minute, as well.

Now if you look closely, the singer/guitarist is playing rhythm, and Claw was hearing Skynyrd in his head, so leads were being dropped in, up until the solo, where Claw was trying to match the singer's leads.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Holidays from SFAF HQ

Greetings from atop SF's Nob Hill, home of...The Claw, Commander-In-Chief of the SF AirForce, the world-wide elite air guitar special forces squadron. What you see above, is the ice skating rink in the downtown financial district of SF. Claw works right across the street, in the landmark Ferry Building. This is Claw's donation to the cause. You'll be proud to know, all the other signs along the wall, are paid for by sponsors. But Claw saw an open spot, and an opportunity to further our cause, at minimal expense, took our artwork to Kinko's to enlarge and laminate, and posted it to the wall, without anyone noticing. Why pay someone to promote you or your cause, if you can do it yourself, for a fraction of the cost.

Happy Holidays everyone.

(Coming shortly, which just happened tonight at a vendor's Christmas party, where the band saw Claw air guitaring to their music, at which time they asked Claw to join them onstage (in the corner) for The Breeze (they quoted J.J. Cale, since he was the original artist, even though Skynyrd made it famous), and Claw obliged. A co-worker got a minute of tape, for the benefit of us all.)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Lixx in Rio - Live 2011

now this is something we need to incite, back here in the states...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cold Steel @ El Rio

SF AirForce 3-time SF Regional Champion, in action, yet again. This time, at El Rio's, in the Mission. This guy has the club scene dialed in. check it out.

Conquest For Death..

Conquest For Death had a killer show tonight, courtesy of former US Air Guitar world champion and SFAF general, Hot Lixx Hulahan, at the Knockout, in SF's Mission District, kicking off a world tour, starting in Brazil, tonight.

It also was a reunion of the elite of the elite special forces. Two 3-time regional SF champions Awesome and Cold Steel Renegade, veteran air guitarist and even more a veteran of the metal club scene, Gobo, going back as far back as Claw himself, and joined by Tony Dilemma, we controlled the pits up front. Hot Lixx held down the stage, Gobo, thrashed in the pits, Claw held the line, and Awesome and CSR not only had our backs, but backed us up when things got a tad out of hand. My God, it was like the old times in the 80's. Thrashing, moshing, holding the line, protecting those behind us. How'd Claw do, guys? Damn, that was fun. Like riding a bike. Judas Priestess, you are dinged for not being there. LOL

Stay tuned for a video of CSR from a recent show. Hope all is well with our brothairs and sistairs. Please forward to Tony Dilemma and Nordic Thunder, as their emails are not on file yet. Thanks, from the Claw.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Air Guitars..

This great pic comes compliments of original Golden Gate Chapter SF AirForce member, fellow compatriate, and good friend, Judas Priestess. The picture speaks a thousand words. Makes Claw wonder just how used these air guitars are, that they would be given away for free. After all, Claw's hundreds of air guitars are pretty much priceless.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cafe Du Renegade...

Thanks to Lt. Colonel Cold Steel Renegade for appearing and representing the under-appreciated art of air guitar, once again, outside the parameters of competition, and keeping the faith alive. Thanks are also in order to Shred Theodore Logan, Esq., for making his presence known, in a show of support and solidarity. Hangin with Logan tonight reinforced Claw's recognition of his passion and dedication for the art, and the AirForce is stronger with his inclusion.

The video is dark, yes, and you can blame the house for that, since they didn't bother to turn on the additional lights that highlight the normal acts the rock the stage. No respect, I tell ya. The music was a cool eclectic mix - pop, rap, rock. Claw almost ran up during the final Eagles solo from Dirty Laundry.

The initial post went out locally, but this is going out to all, simply as a reminder that we are worldwide, and if anyone has tape to offer, to send out to the masses, feel free to pass it along for inclusion on our site.

AirForce is in the house. The alcohol-burning funny cars of air guitar.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

AirForce welcomes its newest member..

He won his first regional championship in 2006, again in 2008, and yet again in 2010. The pattern of 'even' years was broken, when he won, yet again, in 2011. All in the same region. What makes 2011 differ from the others, is not just the fact it was an odd year, but that he went on to win the National Championship, in the same town. This year.

As with many of our brothairs and sistairs, including Claw, injuries are not enough to deter us from our calling. This is common with sports and entertainment performers, that is based in passion for the art, and injuries that are worked through, in the process. Knee slides are more than just skin, and blood, shed, and bled. And this champion has had his share of skeletal/muscular damage done in the process, and persevered. You gotta love testosterone.

To be AirForce, requires even more. Not just wins on a regional, or national level, or even the world stage. Otherwise, everyone would be a part of the Force. No. Wins mean nothing. It was never about wins. Hell, half of the Force have no wins. Even Claw. It's about love and passion for what we do. And this guy exudes this passion, ha, in spite of his wins. (Not to mention the fact that the invitation comes only from the Claw. LOL)

I give you...Nordic Thunder. US Air Guitar trading card #6. Claw is no stranger to negative press. As are many others. But after reading and seeing all the posts between Colonel Nordic Thunder, and all the others he graciously opened his home to, scattered across his floors, raiding the fridge, desecrating the bathroom, and basically, turning his home into a fraternity house, because that's what we are, a fraternity/sorority, that is a love and passion even Claw would be hesitant to do. Just don't step on my cat. Combined with a multitude of props from everyone across the air guitar spectrum, it was determined Thunder deserved a place in the AirForce. Even better, he will represent a region not previously represented. Commander of the Chi-Town Chapter.

Please join Claw in welcoming Nordic Thunder into the family. Air guitar special forces. We are elite.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Claw project preview

Here is a sample of what's to come. The Tiger Claw Air Guitar Tech online tutorial. Three levels. Twelve speed sessions. Air guitar instruction. How to use actual guitar moves to improve and master air guitar. Without the struggle of playing by ear. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Tiger Claw Air Guitar Technical Institute

The season is officially over, but that doesn't mean it has to end. For all you competitors out there, looking for an edge, help in certain areas where you are weak, or new to the game, welcome to the Tiger Claw Air Guitar Technical Institute. An online tutorial made up of speed sessions under 3 minutes, covering the basics (chords and scales), techniques, to enhance your performance, and genre-specific moves to expand your repertoire in the song choice department.

Remember: you may have the coolest costume, or the fanciest dance moves, but if you can't even play the guitar, to the tune of the song playing, it's not air guitar. And you WILL get dinged in the technical judging aspect. At least learn a few chops, and not embarrass yourself.

The TCAGTI is coming soon. After all is complete, one session per week. Of course, a DVD will be available in 2012, if you want the whole collection in one shot.

Stay tuned.

Also in the works for 2012, the Tiger Claw Air Guitar Invitational. A competition based solely on technical expertise. Most likely at a club too small for fancy dance moves, and costuming will cost you a point. Oh, did Claw mention cash prizes? He just did.

Stay tuned.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Air Guitar - Southern Style

If you're in the Corpus Christie, TX area, stop by the House of Rock. Brock McRock is the man. AirForce representin', y'all.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And the AirForce Division National Best Score goes to...

On behalf of the (SF)AirForce, Tiger Claw would like to congratulate Airisol, for scoring the highest of all of our officers competing in the 2011 USAG National Air Guitar Championship, held in Chicago. While Nordic Thunder went on to win the competition, and go on to represent the US and compete in the World Air Guitar Championship in Oulu, Finland, we wanted to honor those who represented our own at the Nationals. Airisol, we salute you.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wild Thing 37, breaks the record

SF Air Force Colonel and UK Chapter Commander, Wild Thing 37, leads the WOMAD festival audience in an all-out air guitar extravaganza, breaking the world record along the way. To Jimi Hendrix, no less. We are proud.

Friday, July 29, 2011

2011 US Air Guitar National Championship

Videos from the 2011 US Air Guitar National Championship in Chicago. Also, individual video pages on the left, have been updated to reflect current performances.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nationals update..

from the Chicago Tribune, a photo gallery that is truly awesome:,0,1484505.photogallery

and now, Nordic Thunder, and Claw must say, the fingers were flying:

great article from the Gapers-Block, including video:

From US Air Guitar

Sunday, July 24, 2011

US Air Guitar, in the books...but not over yet!

Tiger Claw reporting from AirForce Headquarters. The Nationals are done, and Nordic Thunder is our US Air Guitar National Champion. The competition was close. Here is the top ten: 1 - Nordic Thunder, 2 - Airistotle, 3 - RomeoDance Cheetah, 4 - Tony Tapatio, 5 - Windhammer, 6 - Tommy Fretless, 7 - Dry Ice, 8 - Airisol, 9 - Lt. Facemelter, 10 - Dreamcatcher.

Congratulations to our other AirForce members for giving their all: Shred Nugent, Cold Steel Renegade, Brock McRock, Mean Melin, Six-String General, and Shred Boy RD. Claw has no doubt everyone had a great time in Chi-Town.

Keep the dream alive. And cheer on Thunder to bring the world gold back to the US. We'll do it all again next year.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stats Please..

first off, those of you competing in the Dark Horse (Brock, Whalin), it's tomorrow night. July 21. not Friday. Not the night of the national competition. TOMORROW. Check for the official flyer for the Dark Horse.

and for those of you who haven't been keeping track, Claw has been. It's his job. Logistics. His middle name. In fact, you can call him, LogistiClaw. claw likes to think, and is honored to assist, as USAG's companion site for this info. Here is the rundown for the US Air Guitar National Championship, as it went down for the last two months:

5/12 - Chicago Nordic Thunder
5/13 - Denver Dreamcatcher
5/19 - Kansas City Mean Melin (SF AirForce)
5/21 - Austin Vlad DM Waillin
6/8 - Milwaukee Dry Ice
6/9 - Kalamazoo Thundergland
6/10 - Minneapolis Airisol (SF AirForce)
6/11 - Washington Tommy Fretless
6/15 - NY Airistotle
6/16 - Brooklyn Shreddy Mercury
6/17 - Boston McNallica
6/18 - Philadelphia Windhammer
6/24 - SF Shred Nugent (SF AirForce)
6/25 - SF Cold Steel Renegade (SF AirForce)
7/8 - Seattle Lt. Facemelter (SF AirForce)
7/9 - Portland Tony Tapatio
7/14 - Los Angeles Shred Boy R.D. (SF AirForce)
7/15 - San Diego Six-String General (SF AirForce)

As you can see, out of 18, the SF AirForce is represented by 7. Congratulations to all for the undying efforts for air guitar.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

AirForce United...

Congratulations to all our brothairs and sistairs on their victories. When we couldn't take one region, we took another. We are unstoppable. And that's what sets us apart from all the rest. It's why we are family. It's why we are...AirForce.

Quick changes: in name only. To maintain titles and URL's, we will always be SF AirForce, as a point of origin, and the foundation and headquarters. But it is obvious we have grown outside of our original family. There are many who hail from elsewhere, but who have also competed here in SF. To isolate those from here, those from there who compete here, and those from there, who have yet to compete here, is a disservice and has become irrelevant to the purpose of the family, overall. Since we are all family, and we are all in it together, here, there, and abroad, those from here, will be known from this point forward, as Golden Gate Chapter members, as well as those from there, who have competed here. (I toiled with Pacific for awhile, but that would conflict with Southern CA, so I went with the name used by the oldest HOG Chapter in the US.) Everyone in other chapters have been incorporated into the ranks, as it should be.

Rank Promotions: We've got several promotions within the ranks that should be honored. Shred Nugent has been a Major (one regional) since his San Jose win in 2007, but with his recent victory in SF in 2011, he is now, Lt-Colonel(2+ regionals), and joins his fellow Golden Gate members, Awesome and Cold Steel Renegade. Our SoCal Commander in San Diego, Lt. Facemelter, who was also a Major, with one win in SD a couple years back, has taken Seattle this year, raising him up to the next rank, which means even though he goes by Lt. Facemelter, technically, he is officially Lt-Colonel Facemelter. And...two Sgt-Majors (multiple appearances) who hail from other regions, but are also Golden Gate Chapter members, have finally won their first Regional Championships, raising them from Sgt-Majors to full Majors. Shred Boy RD, out of LA, winning LA; and Six-String General, out of LA, and NY, as well competing in Vegas and SF, multiple times (talk about a nomad), took San Diego. While Claw will continue to not speak on behalf of the family, it is with great honor Claw congratulates these individuals for the success they have brought to their regions, and to the family known as the AirForce.

Nationals: This is what it comes down to, what it's all about. Team AirForce are on their way to Chicago. 7 to be exact. As is 2 others, Southern Chapter Commander Brock McRock, out of Houston, and PacNorWest Chapter Commander, Whalin BigAir, out of Portland, representing us in the Dark Horse, in an effort to compete alongside the rest of the family. BigAir will have a second opportunity, if he takes the Dark Horse, to take it and compete not just alongside the family, but also against his fellow Airpocalypse brethren, Tony Tapatio.

As Claw has said before, it matters not if you have won or not. Claw has yet to win, along with many others. Many in the family have become champions, after becoming family. That is called success. Some are new members, but not all, and those new members are members because they exhibit not just the skills or determination, but because they have the desire to do this. Compete if you will, but to extoll the passion for air guitar, in spite of whatever fear exists in doing so in front of a live crowd, well, that alone makes you worthy. Congratulations to our winners, and our newest members.

And lastly, Claw would like to make a new promise, same as the old promise. In SF, two trophies were created for the two Golden Gate members who scored the highest on both days, whether they won or not. Backstage. Private ceremony. Thanks to US Air Guitar, the AirForce was honored to present each days' actual winner with the subsequent trophies, Airforce or not. It was our destiny. Both days were taken by AirForce members. And so it goes with The Nationals, in Chicago. Claw understands there is an award on the National level. Cool. But as an incentive, if any of the AirForce takes the National title, Claw will have a trophy waiting for you. 2011 US Air Guitar Champion - Chicago, IL " ? ? ?"{

Friday, July 15, 2011

Live...from Los Angeles...

LA's SF AirForce member, Shred Boy RD rocked, narrowly edging out fellow SF AirForce member, Six-String General, by .1. That's POINT 1. Check out the victory pic #46, plus two pics of both combatants at #44 and #45.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One More Addition to the blog...

...for they exhibit that which is what the AirForce stands for, and Claw is honored, in spite of his recent indiscretion. It should also be noted, one of the members is our own PacNorWest Chapter Commander, Whalin BigAir. Another member, who won Portland this year, and forced BigAir to make the trip to Chicago for the Dark Horse, but won't be alone, is another member, Tony Tapatio. AIRPOCALYPSE.

Good luck to SF's Shred Nugent and Cold Steel Renegade, Kansas City's Mean Melin, Minneapolis' Airisol, and San Diego's Lt-Colonel Facemelter, along with LA's possible winners, Six-String General and Shred Boy R.D., and Dark Horse hopefuls, Brock McRock, Whalin BigAir, Lost Heartbreaker, and any other family members who make the trek to the Windy City. All of you deserve it, and are winners, no matter what.

Claw is proud of you all. Here's to hoping one of the family makes it to Finland. Live the dream, and keep it alive. But most importantly, keep in touch.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SFAF's Newest Member..

Please welcome, a 4-time regional champion, including this year, competing out of Minneapolis, and representing us as part of the Twin Cities Chapter alongside The Lost Heartbreaker, but even more so, for surviving in 2008, in San Francisco, losing by .1, to our own Hot Lixx Hulahan, who went on to win the National Championship, AND...the World Championship, that year, Claw presents...Lt-Colonel Airisol. 4? Really? Hot Damn. (sorry, Lixx)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cold Steel Renegade Appreciation Cult

Claw would like to give a shout-out to the Renegade, for having such a supportive crew, to assist in his endeavors, and market his bad-ass self, to which Claw is jealous. We're talking the CSR Appreciation Cult. Check out the latest item available in Renegade's aresenal.

Pretty f/n awesome, if you ask Claw. Time to step up to the plate everyone.

Claw will.
Claw is.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Latest Addition to US Air Guitar Trading Cards

check out the card bio close-up at

#22 Brock Mcrock, out of Houston, Texas. This was one of the SF Air Force's first chapters, the ASouthern Chapter, with Commander Brock McRock. He deserves every bit of this accolade. After conversing over time, and hearing about his extra-curricular activites involving air guitar, I knew right away, he lived and breathed air guitar, thus exemplifying the very essence. Congratulations, my friend. You deserve it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SF Regional Air Guitar Championship

We survived another year. One of our best ever, that saw changes to veterans' formats, to a new crew of rookies, and our newest members to the SF AirForce. Welcome to Sgt-Major Six-String General, who should have been on board earlier, but he hails from LA, and has competed in Vegas, and well, is similar to Claw - he beats to the sounds of his own air drums.

Next, we have a slew of new Captains, Black Airish, Mexicutioner, and Sonic Boomer. we're still waiting on responses to Tony Dilemma, Shred boy R.D., and Snake Riffken, who would actually be Sgt-Majors, and newbies Benny, Esquire and Gran Motley Poo.

Ultra super thanks to our own April Air'Neil, aka Christine Zona, for her undying love, passion, and devotion to her art, of bringing out the best of us. She has uploaded a shtload of photos at her Facebook page , for your benefit. Claw highly recommends you credit her in the process. Or else. GRRR.

Also, Claw can download and upload videos, but email servers such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc, are limited to a small amount of MB, so if you want or need to download your video from the SF AirForce page on YouTube, you'll need to follow Lt. Facemelter's instructions, which I copied here:

Hey, dude. If people want their own copy of the videos, they can easily download it directly from youtube using a number of free websites out there. is one of them, but I prefer using a Firefox plugin called "Download Helper". You just need to have Firefox installed and then install the add-on here:

There's instructions all over the site and it's pretty simple to do. Allows you to download the original uploaded file in its full quality and all. Way easier than you putting everything on flash drives one at a time. Just a thought if you don't want to go crazy doing it all yourself!

Here is the link to OUR page:

spread the word

There are two weekends left, this weekend, in Seattle and Portland, where our own SFAF members Facemelter and Whalin BigAir are competing (Seattle and Portland respectively), and the weekend after that, in LA and San Diego, Facemelter's home turf. Claw and the SFAF wish them the best of luck. The more SFAF we have in Chicago, the better chances we have of taking it. Let's do it troops.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

and of course, there's Singar..

The SF AirForce's free spirit of the group, Singar, the Goat Demon, represents us well, which is why we love him dearly. On the extreme side, his character may appear controversial, but he means well. And in today's world, so much can be taken out of context, that is not a clear and accurate representation of the man at heart. Dude, I hope there was a lesson in there to be recognized. Chin up, brah. There will be no discharges today, honorable or dishonorable.

Welcome aboard our newest Captains..

Congratulations to our newest additions as Captains in the SF AirForce. You rocked the house with your energy and devotion our art, and are welcomed with open arms.

2011 SFAG pics from Friday

Congratulations to all of the SF AirForce competitors on Friday night. Our own Shred Nugent Nugent won a narrow victory over Dirty Airy, and Our own Judas Priestess made it to the second round, as well. 3 out of 5 AirForce in the second round, is pretty fucking awesome. Saturday will also be spectacular. As the CIC of the SF AirForce, I'm looking for all 5 in the finals, being SFAF. Kick ass.

The phots above are the professional work of our own SFAF correspondent April Air'Neil, Christine Zona. you can also find other works from her vast global portfolio, at . Thanks the April, for all you do for us.

Day One Sf Regionals

Well, the first night is in the books. Of the 5 finalists in the second round, 3 were SF AirForce. I, along with the rest of the officers this evening, couldn't be prouder. The winner of the first round, Shred Nugent, tied Dirty Airy in the second round, but by virtue of the first round victory, the win goes to Shred Nugent.

Our civilian correspondent has already posted photos on FB, and a report on East Bay Express, which you can read here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SF AirForce strikes again...

The Force congratulates our Kansas City Chapter Affiliate Commander for his honoring by US Air Guitar with his own USAG Trading Card #19. Well deserving, especially since he actually conducts his own air guitar events throughout the year, which is why he is in the SFAF in the first place. His undying love and devotion to our great art. Ladies and gentlemen, that's six out of 19 represented. Growing stronger by the day. Thanks for everything you do, Mean "the machine" Melin.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Competition updates

Big, big shoutout to our own Cold Steel Renegade for securing last Tuesday's USAG Champions Trading Card #18. Welcome to the club. That's 5 of us, out of the total 18. Not a bad stat.

Wow. A lot of upsets in the regional air guitar world. Cami Phillippi takes Minneapolis, Tommy Fretless in DC, and Airistotle in NY. This just in: veteran Shreddy Mercury takes Brooklyn.

Tomorrow is Boston, and Phillie on Saturday. Pheww...another 4-day stint. Don't forget folks, it's SF a week from tomorrow, and Saturday.

Advance notice: First place awards have been confirmed for the SF Air Guitar Competition, on both days. The start of a good thing, for the future. The rest is classified. I could tell you, but then our resident, secret, covert, underground, black OPS special forces would have to permanently extract that piece of intel from your memory banks, without damaging any other cells in the process, of course.

SF AirForce press kits going out next week, to all members. I just wanted to make sure I had the most up-to-date intel in the kit. I thought the USAG cards were done for the season. Then, lo and behold, our CSR emerges as #18 to days ago, necessitating a change to the contents.

Another change, or I should say, addition to the ranks. A test for your special forces skills in the communication sector, with a specialization in research and discovery. It is a truly an honor for the SFAF to include this visionary and air guitar fanatic, if those words can even be used in the same sentence. Claw believes so. entirely.

Good luck to all who remain to compete in upcoming battles. Your day will come.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Competition updates

Well, troops, after 5 shows, with another tonight in Kalamazoo, tomorrow in Minneapolis, and Saturday in Washington, the SF AirForce is in the thick of it. Our Midwest connection out of Kansas City, Mean Melin, took the Regional, and will go to Chicago for the finals. Brock suffered a crushing, narrow defeat in Austin, as did Lost Heartbreaker in Milwaukee, to a rookie. It happens. But we're veterans for a reason. Heartbreaker will try again tonight in Kalamazoo, and if that doesn't work, the hometown if Minn. will be difficult for anyone else to thwart our Lost Heartbreaker. Twin Cities will dominate.

Here's a vid from Mean Melin in Kansas City, 2011

Here's a consolation compilation of the McRocker

We'll drop the Heartbreaker in a couple days, since he's still midway through his 3-city tour. Watch for news and updates. The link can be found on the left sidebar down below.

In other SFAF news:

Speaking of US Air Guitar, they've completed this year's rounds of trading card issuances. All of the Hall-of-Famers have been represented, along with some non-HoF's and non-regional champions, for which TC is deeply honored.

The SF AirForce press kit is moments away from being done, but is still a work-in-progress. An advance version went out to the Heartbreaker to help with motivational and spiritual support, but also, as an aggressive tool backstage, to intimidate all those who oppose us. The SFAF officers headquartered in SF, are meeting (read: partying) on the Saturday a week before our gathering, at which time, copies will be made available. Next week, copies will be sent overnight to all our chapter commanders, for the same purpose: motivation, and intimidation. Sun Tzu: "Battles are won before they are even fought".


The US Air Guitar Competition is unique, not just in the underground phenomenon known as air guitar, but in its ability to pull off this whole affair on a skeleton budget. Claw is impressed. This year drew a tear, as they worked without a sponsor. But that's beside the point. The air guitar competition, as professional as any other organized sports endeavor, not only was there no actual award for first place, on either the regional, national or world championship levels, at all for the last 8 years, we as its competitors had no problem with the established notion that your award is "bragging rights". That alone was enough.The free ride to the national and world championships was icing on the cake.

But enough is enough. Claw recently purchased 5 small 6-inch trophies to commemorate the judges' exclamation that he had the best technical performance of the night, for each year he competed. It's a small token he afforded himself, especially since the judges said so. Ego self-gratification, but also another intimidation tool (grrrr).

As I said, enough is enough. The trophies of old, metal molds atop marble bases, are a thing of the past. Today, they are plastic. But they still look the same. They just weigh less. Due to the materials used, the costs are a fraction of what they once were. My five cost $9 each.

So, since USAG is working without a sponsor this year, Tiger Claw will sponsor the first trophies to be awarded to the SF Regional Air Guitar Champions, for Friday AND Saturday, and the US National Champion, in Chicago. This is a donation on my part.

Also, the first SF AirForce Medal of Honor will be bestowed upon our first recipient at the SF Regional Air Guitar Competition, Friday, June 24, and repeated on Saturday, june 25, so that all can stand witness to the induction. This will be done backstage, so all of us can be present.

This is a good year. No, a great year. A great year for air guitar. And an even greater year for the SF AirForce, and all of its Commanders across the US, and abroad.

To all in SF, Crusher, Gobo, Shred, Priestess, Iroc-Z, Singar, Freeberg, and Dirty Airy, we rock 2 weeks from now. Northeast Commander Ricky Stinkfingers will rock next week, on Wednesday, July 15, in NY. Then it's NorPacWest Commander Whalin BigAir, one third of Airpocalypse, in Portland, on July 9, and our own SoCal Commander in San Diego, on July 15.

The force is strong with us.
Never forget. Always believe.
And remember:
Crush your enemies and see them driven before you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

news and updates...

Thursday, June 2 -

First things first, the past. Claw missed a comedy performance by Awesome, in the Mission, last week. Hopefully, it went well. Is there a video of the performance floating around anywhere? Although not air guitar-related, there's always the possibility of an impromptu air performance. Claw will gladly take that chance. Which necessitates the usual reminder: if anyone's got something coming up, whoever you are, or wherever you hail from, or whatever you're doing, air guitar or not, cuz there always exists the chance of a lick or two of air, drop Claw a line, and the word will be passed on to the rest of the force. And so on. And so on. Like an exploding supernova, before retracting into a super-massive, magnetic black hole, sucking in everything within its vicinity. There's no return from the event horizon. Except Claw's right hand. From the wrist down. Hurdling through time and space. Fingers flailing like there's no tomorrow...sorry, tangent alert.

Secondly, the post on Joe Cocker a week ago, that appeared in the SF Parade section of our Sunday paper, that highlighted a question about him being the first to do air guitar - well, he was definitely a force, but there was also the mention of Bill Reed of the Diamonds in 1957. After seeing the video, which you can see for yourself below, Claw agrees this is most definitely the first exhibition of air guitar in recorded history, but by far not enough to be billed as the Godfather of Air Guitar.

That distinction remains with Joe Cocker, based on his performance of With A Little Help From My Friends, at Woodstock, 1967. Bill Reed was also a bass player, but that's beside the point. Air guitar is air guitar, whether it's electric guitar or bass guitar. The form is the same. Watch the video. It's only 1:54, and the moment in question, is at the :55 second point. It's actually pretty cool, when you witness it for yourselves. Clearly, it was totally improvised by Bill Reed, based on the shrugged-off reaction of the dude standing next to him. Obviously, dude couldn't handle it. Hint of jealousy for the spontaneous, attention-grabbing action that would become air guitar decades later? Claw thinks so.

Here is the defining moment in air guitar history, that firmly cements Joe Cocker as the Godfather of air guitar, from the :30 second point:

Unfortunately, Claw could not locate a video archive of Joe Cocker on Dick Cavitt, explaining what he was doing with his hands when asked by Dick. It IS in the Woodstock movie, though. As mentioned before, Dick asked what he was doing with his hands, and Joe replied, "I always wanted to play the guitar, but never learned." That alone represents probably 80%+ of air guitarists' reason for what we do.

Lastly, we are mid-season into the US Air Guitar Competition. It's busy here at the SF AirForce headquarters. Check the site regularly for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Claw continually strives to clean up, update, enhance and add to the site. It occurred to Claw while updating the AirForce ranks, that Shred Nugent, a regional winner for the short-lived San Jose competition, and multiple competitor in SF, not to mention an all-around killer mofo, and hailing from his home turf down south. Even though San Jose is considered a separate market in various industries (radio, TV, etc), it is still part of the 9-county metro that makes up the Bay Area. But since San Jose was represented as an official region, outside of SF, Claw believes Shred has earned the distinction of representing, as Commander of the SouthBay Chapter, out of San Jose. Claw has an upgraded credentials badge waiting for our next path crossing. Bjorn, your upgraded credential is in the mail. Upgraded from Major-General to General. Claw wishes everyone the best of luck in their upcoming competitions, and hopes to be upgrading as many of you as possible.

Celebrities continue to exhibit the 5-second air guitar. none of which is available on tape. You have to catch it when it happens. Just the same, everyone does it. LOne could almost say, you're allowed to air guitar, without being mocked, if it is kept under 5-seconds. (Another aspect of the 5-second rule.) Which prompted the Claw to watch, again, the Colbert air guitar tribute. The link is on the site, on the right sidebar. Scroll down. Click on it. And drag the bubble to the 3:50 mark. A 30-second montage of Colbert air guitaring. Not just a fluke performance, or 5-second exhibition, but a bonafide collection . This montage was put together for the sole purpose of honoring air guitar. It's why Colbert was honored as an SF AirForce civilian media correspondent. He got his badge and kit. Sooner or later he will have no choice but to honor us with an appearance...on the Colbert Report. As far as Claw is concerned, much more worthy and attractive than half the books promoted on the show.

Pretty lengthy, but 'tis the season. More to follow in the coming days...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stinkfingers honored...

New York's Ricky Stinkfingers, formerly from SF, inducted as #15 USAG official trading card. Most deservedly. Started here in 2006, won in SF the next year, and again in Portland and NY later on. Multi-champion, across multi-cities. All of us are proud, man. Keep it up. And hey, don't forget your roots, brah.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Of The Midwest..

Claw heard rumblings occurring midway between the two coasts, so he had to investigate. Like our brothairs and sistairs in SF, NY, Minneapolis, San Diego, Houston, Portland, and the UK, a star has risen among us, that exemplifies that which each of us holds dearly - the art of air guitar. For us, there is no season. There are dates when the tour comes around, but the season is year-round.

Several of us in SF, as well as chapter commanders elsewhere around the US, know him all to well. He's won 3 regionals, 3 years in a row - two in his hometown, one in Vegas. During the off months of the US Air Guitar tour, he holds competitions on his own, to keep the spirit alive. This 24/7/365, livin-the-life creed, is what makes up the heart, soul and passion of air guitar, and what embodies the foundation of the SF AirForce.

Last Sunday, early AM, while on the second beer (it wasn't 9am yet), Claw received an email. It was a notice of this person's post, that would redirect Claw to the US Air Guitar site, and the discovery of, well, you know the story... This messenger was previously invited to represent, but no response up to that point. Yet, he was the first to notify. And congratulate. It's this appreciation for our family that sets us apart from all the rest. He subsequently accepted, and now represents us as Commander of the Midwest Chapter affiliate, based out of Kansas City...

His name is...


On behalf of the jedi masters of air guitar, that make up the SF AirForce, we salute you, and are proud to have you on board. Your only duty, as is with all of us, is to make us proud. Be the best. And remember, the best may not win, but they're still the best.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tiger Claw Appreciation Day

Special Memorial Day issue. Thanks US Air Guitar, and the jedi masters of the SF AirForce, all over the US, for all your support. I could not do it without you.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KIPPIS Deja Vu...

The SF AirForce's own, Major Shred Nugent is at it again, same deal, same location, fighting for a spot at the Haight Street Fair (SF), which, after 7 years have passed, is once again playing on Claw's birthday, June 12. But this show is coming up real quick. It's a cool location. Remember the 12 Galaxies? Remodeled, better acoustics. Come on out. Claw will be there. And with the usual "first round on the Claw, if you show". Uh, that includes Shred. Even better, that includes Shred's bandmates.

And for those of you in the SF Airforce not on the up-&-up, especially the other chapters, Mrs. Shred Nugent is from Oulu, Finland. Sound familiar? DAMN STRAIGHT. The very location we all aspire to. The World Championship. Sorry for the tangent, but it's a great segue as a reminder that needs to be made, since we're in the middle of competition, and all of us need to remember why we're here, what we're striving for, and what we need to do to get the job done.

Let's rock, this Friday, May 27. Especially hard for the Claw. He goes in for finishing touches on the back tattoo, at 1pm, 4 blocks from the club, and Shred doesn't go on till 4 hours later. Moot point. Claw is there.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Godfather of Air Guitar

I've said it all along. Not sure about Reed in 1957, but for me, the godfather of air guitar has always been Joe Cocker. his performance at Woodstock 1969, performing "With A Little Help From My Friends", and his subsequent air-guitaring to the guitar parts, was enough for me. In a later interview on Dick Cavitt, Dick asked him what was it that he was doing with his hands during the solo parts? Joe's response: "I always wanted to learn how to play guitar, but never did. I suppose that was my way of playing it." Or something to that effect.

In yesterday's SF Chronicle Sunday paper, and online here, we see a question alluding to the question or origin:

now, I don't know about Reed and his 5 seconds, after all, it was only 5 seconds, and the article doesn't say he was using a prop, where the music was supposed to be playing, but didn't, or Jimi's deal with playing a broom, which most of us did as a child (for the record, Claw used a tennis racket), props at a young age should be considered an early phase of air guitar, but not air guitar specifically, since at so young an age, and using a prop, should be more considered a tool to the next level. Jimi obviously moved up. Joe didn't. for Joe, it was air guitar, or what embodied air guitar at the time.

Thank you Godfather.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


The air guitar is our cross. And as the perception of air guitar has yet to earn the respect of the masses, as it is deserved, it is our cross to bear, for we are the masters of air guitar. There is no heaven to ascend to, since the only instrument allowed are harps. And there is no hell to fall to, since the only instrument allowed is a violin. We are empowered with the role of earthly domination. When all those pure ascend to above, and all those scorned, fall below, what is left will be the force of air guitar. We will be impervious to disaster, immune to outside imperfections, and given the power to rebuild a new world. A world where air guitar is the primary sport of kings, and a performance art unchallenged by all other genres. Embrace, or die.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest news / updates

Tonight (Thursday, May 19) is Kansas City, and Saturday, May 21, is Austin, TX. SF AirForce's own Brock McRock, repping our Southern Affiliate Chapter, is competing, and defending his regional crown. Brock - KILL'EM ALL.

Newest addition to the SF AirForce, and contributing to our awesome expansion, is Lt. Facemelter. Who? You should know by now. He is a San Diego Regional Champion, BUT...also competed right here in SF, in the Bridge Competition, but placed third after Cold Steel Renegade. Man, that Awesome and Cold Steel are forces to be reckoned with, with multiple SF regional wins. Claw is most certainly proud to have them play a major part of the SF AirForce. Since the Facemelter has competed here, AND...even has his own official US Air Guitar trading card, it is with great honor and pride to welcome him as a fellow jedi master of air guitar, into the SF AirForce special forces. For those who know him personally, drop him a line and welcome him to the fold.

Funny story: Claw made a comment about Facemelter having his own USAG card, but not a TC card. Claw was humbly corrected. Somehow, someway, the Facemelter acquired a TC card back in 2009 when he competed here. Most of you will remember 2009 was a year Claw would like to forget, for obvious reasons, but it certainly wasn't anything that was going to deter him from doing what he does best, no matter how life-threatening.

Lt. Facemelter, welcome to the SF AirForce. We're proud to have represent us from down South. Now, about that name, Lt. Facemelter. We're gonna have to do something about that, now that you're a Major.

so far, the kickstarter program is up just over $900. June 9 is the deadline for $10,000. So we're basically still down around 10%. You got the emails for the link. Do what you can. It's 3 weeks away.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday News Update..

After Nordic took Chicago, Denver was won the next night by veteran Dreamcatcher. Next up - this Thursday 5/19, Kansas City, and then Saturday, 5/21, Brock returns to Austin, TX. Note to Brock: remember, you are a jedi master of air guitar. As always, check out the official US Air Guitar site for further information.

If you haven't already done so, you'd see that the USAG has added half-time acts. Our own Hot Lixx is on for SF's Friday show, but did you know we have a legend performing during the half-time on Saturday? Yup. The first US National winner, and the first US winner to take the World Championship, in 2003. Also starring beside our other legend, Bjorn Turoque, in Air Guitar Nation. None other than, C-Diddy. He's been retired for some time now. I think it's time to introduce him to the SF Air Force. But I'm not so sure about membership, honorary or otherwise. I was pulling for Bjorn the whole time. He's our legend. Of course, if he begs in front the Force, how can we resist. LOL

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brock McRock rocks Texas....

Let's give a shout out for our man representing the Southern Chapter affiliate, in Texas. Brock McRock. The Austin Regionals are a week away (May 21).

GGP map

Here is a link to a map of the location.

It's just off of the 19th Ave crossover to to Park Presidio. Take the side road to JFK Drive, make a right. You'll see, if it's still there, the man-made waterfall on the left. About 100 yards ahead, on the right, is Stow Lake Road, that leads to the lake. Not sure if it's still there, but there is a cool log cabin that's been there for decades.

Huge picnic area next to it.

Cold Steel Jam in the Park

Cold Steel Renegade is jamming in the park tomorrow (Sunday, May 15). Bay-To-Breakers celebration. Claw believes it's in the morning. At the intersection of Stow Lake Drive and JFK Drive. Come by and check it out. Also, we're into the season, folks. Chicago and Denver are in the books. Nordic Thunder took Chicago. Still waiting on news from Denver. check out for more information.

also check out for info on how to show support as a sponsor of this year's tour.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


You can monitor all the regionals by bookmarking to your link bar. If you haven't already done so, check it now, just to see the new US Air Guitar limited edition trading cards.

Open Season on Poseurs..

It's May. Oh yes it is. 2 weeks until the first regional competition, in Chicago, which also happens to be the location of the US Nationals. Could that be an indication for future competitions, that being the first regional occurs where the US Nationals end up? Hmmm.

This is a first in a while for us elite here in SF. This year, we are NOT the last one on the schedule. Claw is not even going to think about the fact that your calendars haven't been marked for June 24 and June 25 at the Independent. The return to our old stomping grounds. It's Friday and Saturday. And for most of you, Claw shouldn't have to tell you what a relief it is, not to have to climb stairs like we did at The Fillmore. 3 steps to the stage is enough for The Claw, considering...

SIX WEEKS. And that's for SF. Others such as Ricky Stinkfingers, repping our Northeast Chapter (NY), Lost Heartbreaker, repping our Twin Cities Chapter (Minneapolis), and Brock McRock and Whalin BigAir, our affiliates in Texas and Portland, not to mention Wild Thing, our UK affiliate across the pond, may be working with less time on their agenda.

Get your threads together, your routine down, and your chops secured. Each year, we endeavor to surpass our previous efforts, and this year is no different. Bring your A-Game, especially if you're in SF, cuz The Claw is going all-out. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

It's time. It's the season. And it's open season on everyone. Best of luck to all the jedi masters, the elite special forces of air guitar.

Warning to all who oppose us: the SF AirForce is in command. There is no competition. There is no chance. Resistance is futile. You will fall to your knees before us, beg for mercy, pray for redemption, and hope to leave with your pride and integrity intact. If you're lucky, you'll earn a place alongside the rest of us, representing the most elite air guitarists in the world today. The SF AirForce. Compete if you can, survive if we let you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Support For Our Own...

Shout out to Lost Heartbreaker, commander of our Twin Cities Chapter in Minneapolis, MN, for the upcoming Milwaukee competition, as well as prayers that SFAF's own Brock McRock is able to come up with something, to represent our Southern Chapter affiliate. Whether it's Houston, Austin, wherever, the AirForce is behind you in spirit. Of course, if either of you make it to SF, you're on your own. AS IS THE REST OF THE AIRFORCE.

Y'all may be used to The Claw and his serious technical performances, for which no one can hold a candle to, but never had to worry, due to the absence of costuming and stage choreography, but if you want to win, enter for Friday. Cuz if you show up on Saturday, you will have wasted the $20 entry fee, your time, your energy, your resources, and whatever else you brought with you.

You've been warned.

Week In Review..

The Claw hooked up with Crusher and Gobo (my mofo) for Queens Of The Stone Age at the classic old-school venue, the Fox Grand Lake, in Oaktown, this past Monday. Both were a first for Claw (band and venue). Queens rocked the house. And the Fox transported Claw to another timezone. Wide staircases with classic red carpeting, sculptured walls in the lobby and hall, blue-lighted ceiling. Awesome. And the Queens? Took The Claw back to the days of dark, ambient, hypnotica of the 90's, made famous by Kyuss, Love & Rockets, etc. Gobo, a hardcore fan himself, was hardpressed to clue me in on the best album to purchase. No prob. We figured it out.

As for Oaktown? Both Claw and Crusher were glad he had GPS. Way too much construction to get in the way of commute, with one freeway access blocked outright. Oakland. Geez. Claw is glad he was with Crusher. He has a history of getting into situations that would take a normal person's life, and escaping without a scratch. Thanks, Crush.

Crusher was The Claw's tag team partner. If any of you have had an opportunity to read Claw's autobiography, "My Chequered Life", please put pressure on Crusher to pen his own story. Hangin' with The Crusher is always in order. Amazing history.

Claw missed the Alameda show, but made it to The Blue Macaw, for Shred Nugent's band, Kippis. Great show. Shred Nugent rocks on guitar. If you've never been to a live show with Shred on guitar, you'd see for yourself, this guy can play. When it comes to guitar playing, Claw is a total critic. Shred...he hits the notes, nothing off key, nothing over-the-top. He compliments the band as a whole, contributes to the music in general, and wails when the opportunity presents itself. It's why whenever Shred plays live, you will most likely find Claw in the audience.

Sidenote: after entering the Macaw for the first time, it became apparent that this was the old 12 Galaxies club. The very club where Claw's first mask, WWE's Kane mask, was stolen from backstage during an air guitar exhibition. On a positive note, 12 Galaxies also was Tiger Claw's second live appearance outside of the competition, showcasing for the Dr. Hal Show, a year before the mask loss. You can see the video on this site, on the right sidebar, performing EVH's Eruption. My friend videotaping, kept closing in and dropping back, and the camera screwed up on focus during the tapping part, for which Claw claims is simply because EVH had the intellectual property rights on the tapping technique. Yeah, right.

Great week for live music.

Friday, April 8, 2011

SFAF All Over The Place..

Our SF AirForce civilian correspondent, Captain April Air'Neil (Christine), recently designed a pic of of our own Generals Hot Lixx and Bjorn Turoque, which US AirGuitar picked up and used on their site. Our sphere of influence continues to reach beyond Congratulations April..
You can also see it at

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shred Nugent destruction..

From the Shredder/Kippis camp:

I just wanted to let you know of a busy week here at the "KIPPIS" camp.

We went into the studio last week to record, and will put more work into it before we have something ready to release - we're very excited about the songs, and can't wait for you to hear them!

Which brings me to this - we have TWO gigs coming up in this next week:
Sat Apr 9th - 9pm $5 admission
Rooster's Roadhouse - Alameda
1700 Clement Ave (& Grand)
We have an opening act at 9pm, so we will go on @ 10pm...

Now check THIS out:

We are playing in a "Battle Of The Bands" - for a chance to play the Haight Street Fair on June 12th - this is a fundraiser for the Fair, and tickets are $7-10 sliding scale...

Winners are chosen by crowd noise, so we need you up here to "CHEER" - us on! Of course, Kippis being the Finnish word for "cheers" is a good sign I hope!!!

Here's the info:
Thurs, Apr 14th - doors at 8PM, Show at 9PM - $7-10 Sliding Scale
The Blue Macaw
2565 Mission St (b/w 21st & 22nd)


Claw can't make the Roadhouse, but will be at the Macaw
also to present Shredder with his badge of honor
if Awesome, Priestess, or Singar show, Claw will have yours.

And, if any of the SF AirForce show up to the Macaw,
Claw's got your first drink.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Prospecting in Portland

Whalin BigAir is a force to be reckoned with. At least in his hometown region. While Seattle is new to the fold, which is surprising, since Seattle established themselves on the map at the beginning of the 90's, with classic alternative grunge (Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, and Claw's favorite, Soundgarden), pushing metal back underground, and probably for good reason, since the genre had been diluted for years, thanks to glam, and only recently becoming part of the US Air Guitar Championship, Portland, on the other hand, are veterans of the fold.

Whalin BigAir hails from Portland, Oregon. And if all goes according to plan, several of the SF AirForce will be invading the Pacific Northwest, and challenging Whalin in his own backyard. But if we're going on the road ourselves, we should at least extend the courtesy of an invitation to our home. All's fair in love and air.

And so it goes, Whalin BigAir has shown he has the colors. The colors of love and compassion for air guitar, and all that it embodies. The Claw is proud to welcome Whalin as our affiliate commander of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the SF AirForce. All that is left is to compete in SF, and earn his stripes up to the main roster. The gauntlet has been thrown...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Claw of the Caribbean

Ay, me matey, the Claw says your air guitar holds no water, so get back to swabbin the decks, or you will be walkin the plank before the day is through...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

King Claw on the Air Guitar Throne

Tiger Claw once sold his soul to the devil, for his unparalled air guitar ability. Shortly after the transaction, Claw ripped out the devil's heart in exchange for his soul. The devil, who always appreciated irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have saw it coming. They now play poker and jam every second Wednesday.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Latest addition to the SF AirForce

The SF AirForce proudly welcomes multi-city competitor and two-time SF performer (2009), from Minneapolis, MN, representing the Twin Cities Chapter up north, Lost Heartbreaker. Salute...

Classification: Inactive, on administrative leave

Due to the upcoming 2011 US Air Guitar Competition, Bjorn Turoque, the tour host/emcee, and Hot Lixx Hulahan, one of several tour judges, are temporarily suspended from any and all activity involving the SF AirForce. Status: inactive, on administrative leave. We wish them well in their tour across America, and will welcome them back into the fold after the conclusion of the US Competition.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

US Regional dates announced..

SF is June 24 & 25, returning to The Independent on Divisadero. Back to 2 shows.

more info at this link:

time to turn it up, troops...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Did I Mention??

Brock will head the Southern Chapter based out of Texas. So now we got two chapters outside of the Bay Area - Southern (TX), headed by McRock, and Northeast (NY), headed by Stinkfingers. Kicking ass and taking names...

SF AirForce debuts new regional chapter..

Well, the cat's out of the bag. But to make it official, Claw read the background, and beside the awesome shameless self-promotion that only Tiger Claw could appreciate, the number of appearances in such a short period of time is more than worthy. Me only hopes the rest of the force agrees. In just the first year, the McRocker competed not in one, but 6, yup, SIX, competitions - Austin, Houston, Boulder, Denver, Vegas and New York. Came in 3rd in Vegas, and 2nd in both Austin AND Houston, missing the prize by .01 point. claw thinks he's worthy. It's mortal combat now - IT HAS BEGUN...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power of the Pen..

Two essays as proof positive as to the power of air guitar. working on a couple myself. As all of you should be. so let's see them. 100 words or less. What air guitar means to and does for you.


Quantum entanglement is the property by which two or more objects are connected in such a way that if one object is affected, the other object experiences the same result. (Like in the Corsican Brothers)

It is thereby possible that the act of playing air guitar, (i.e. invoking the quanta of Rock) could in fact alter the state of any number of people around the world. More specifically, playing air guitar just by itself, can make someone, some where, play air guitar as well.

Imagine sitting in the middle of a battle field, and everyone has been fighting for days. The fight is at a draw at best and neither side knows what they are fighting for anymore. All of the sudden the man across from you drops his gun and starts wringing out his hand like he has a cramp. “What’s wrong?” The man’s eyes get big as he looks behind you and sees all the people you were fighting cramp up and drop their guns too. You go to pick up your rifle but your hands seem to cramp up just like everyone else. Frantically, you begin to shake. One hand is holding an invisible apple, and the other hand has your finger and thumb pinching an invisible bug.

A rhythm begins to emerge, and it appears that everyone is cramping at the same time; wringing their hands to some unheard tempo. Meanwhile, back in New York, the Us Air Guitar Championship has commenced to play Freebird with everyone in attendance.

Thanks to the application of Quantum Entanglement, this scenario is entirely possible…..

All you have to do, is believe

Bring peace tonight people


Every musician has the dream of bringing peace to the world through song. A song that inspires everyone. A meal that everyone can eat. As we musicians grow older, we realize that this has in fact been attempted by many different bands with varying success. Give Peace a Chance, We are the World, Killing in the Name Of, these were all made with the intention of spontaneous peace throughout the world. Hell, mothers day was originally an anti war holiday with the idea that if all mothers stood up to protect the life that only they can create, (if all moms went outside and told their kids to stop fighting) there would be peace for at least a day. If air guitar has taught me one thing, it’s how to lose with dignity. If it’s taught me two things it’s that peace is a journey, not a destination.

When an air guitarist takes the stage, quantum entanglement takes hold, and the power of rock envelopes not just all those in attendance, but also all of those who share the dream of peace through music. When the song is done, the trance is broken and in the few seconds after a routine, while everyone screams with their faces melted, there is a contented sigh of relief and a small pocket of this world (possibly others) experience that indescribable bliss that only comes after sex, -I mean watching sex, -I mean watching air guitar.

But then, the world seeps back in through the cracks, and only another round of air guitar can bring that relief we all so desperately crave. Without these men and women channeling the power of music through a one minute orgasm on stage, we would only have half the equation.

Air guitar is creation. When you hear a record you love, you are really looking at a picture of the magic that happened in the studio, and even then, you are really only receiving one tenth the power of that real moment when a song came together for the first time. Even the recording itself can barely begin to capture the essence of pure musical creation.

This is where air guitar comes in. By using the art of air guitar, a person is able to channel the un-recordable energy that was born with the song. Every air guitarist has the power to channel that which even a record cannot hold. This is what judges refer to as “airness”. Airness is harnessing the newborn energy of music that was never meant to be heard, but was meant to be seen. This energy, and those of us who wield it, are the missing ingredient. Music does have the power to bring world peace. The musicians have done their part, now it is up to air guitarists everywhere to complete the recipe and make the dream a reality.

Because the result of peace depends on the performance of air guitar, there is no end to the work we have to do to ensure world peace. Even the crowned world champion of air guitar knows that rock must be provided 24 hours a day. Not just by musicians, but the air guitarists who embody the enjoyment of music and make the invisible visible. Air guitar is what world peace looks like and because of that, the journey to world peace is never done.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SF AirForce Welcomes...

Sergeant-Major Dirty Airy, as SF AirForce's newest officer. Dirty Airy holds the distinction of being the first recipient of US Air Guitar's prestigious Profile Of Excellence In The Field Of Magnificence Award, of which there are only two so far (the other being Claw). What are the odds of both being from the Bay Area. Welcome aboard, Dirty Airy.

A round of applause to all for the cause
we, the jedis of air guitar, are thee force to be reckoned with, across the land.
The force is stong with us...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome Aboard...

While outside air guitarists, such as the prospect Brock McRock, require a vote to get in, other former SF competitors are always honored with a position in the ranks.

Please welcome Davis "Air Guitar" Freeberg as a Sgt-Major, with two previous appearances; the first being the SF debut in 2006, and one more after that.

You may or may not remember him, but in the first one (2006), he was handed the first spot, and was the third, missing, Blues Brother. He is also a former associate of Claw under cover of daylight, and truly has a love for the music, and the passion for air.

He also has decided to embrace us with his presence at this year's SFAG Competition.
Love Songs triumphant return!
Followed by an immediate departure!
For those not in the know (or who don't read Spanish),
Jackson has moved to Argentina. Like, forever.
If Google Translator is correct he is also married.

(pause to spit out drink)

I also have it on good authority that he now wears patchouli and glow sticks. Gee, if only Jackson, international man of mystery, were around to dispute this rumor...
But wait, against all visa regulations and stipulations he IS returning to the Bay Area!

For a scant 10 days (or "40 burritos," using Jack's metrics) Jack will be stumbling in and around the greater San Francisco area, unprepared but willing to rock some highly-charged sexual ambiguity back into your lives! Come say Hi! Share a beer with him! Ask him all the questions you can think of and be thrilled and baffled by the creatively evasive answers you'll receive!

Sunday, March 13
Eli's Mile High Club
3629 Martin Luther King Jr. Way @ 37th St
Oakland, CA
Spinning Vinyl: D.J. WHAT'S HIS FUCK starts off the night
Show at 6 Ð over by 11!!!
$6.00 Admission / 21+
VERY CHEAP Drink Special
Pool Table / Hot Food and Snacks / Full Bar
Eli's Mile High Club

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Freeberg on fire..

Davis Air Guitar Freeberg

I stand corrected. there was a second appearance by the Freeberg. Above is from the first SF show, 2006.

Draft Notice..

Okay, it's early. Drafts really won't happen till AFTER the 2011 competition, when many hear about what is happening here, and sign on the dotted line. we're elite, and any who want on board, need to be vouched for. we're tight. We're family. Can't let just anyone in.

Anyway, Claw is hereby vouching for an air guitarist who competed back in the first SF Comp, 2006. It was the only one. and probably for good reason, as he had to go out first. Not to mention the track chosen. Lesson learned. Those who've been there from the beginning might remember, Davis "air guitar" Freeberg. Maybe not the name, but the track aired. He was also a work associate of Claw.

He's decided to return to the air guitar stage this year, and Claw believes he deserves a spot in the ranks of the SF AirForce, as a Captain, for at least competing once (2006), and surviving that first time of being #1 in the lineup, which we all know, SUCKS.

If there are any thumbs-down, speak now, or forever hold your peace. If not, welcome him into the fold, and hope he changes his stage name. After all, it's in the SFAG rulebook that "air" not be used as part of it.

Sidenote: if you can't remember who the seven samurai are, they are part of the Tiger Claw Clan, with the Seven Samurai being the original seven supporters from the beginning, with a couple other "honorary samurai" added to the Clan (BT, HLH).

Funny story, since most are at my place of business, most others are on the next level, that being Warriors, which is nothing to balk at, there are other levels lower (guardians, sponsors, etc). But a couple, no, several, of these warriors, balked at being relegated to warrior status, and not samurai. They pleaded their case, and Claw understood, but had to split the Samurai into Level 1 and Level 2. The original seven, created to mirror the Seven Samurai from the film of the same name, hold the Level 1 position, while new additions are at Level 2. This is fun, ain't it?! Level 1 is 4-life. You cannot move up to Level 1 unless one from Level 1 passes on, or chooses to remove themselves. To move up to Level 1, it must be a majority vote of the remaining samurai of Level 1. As for those in the SFAF, you are elite, and above samurai, being actual fighters for air guitar. More to follow...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Formal Fantasy Masquerade..

Passing on a new venture by SFAF's Crusher. Check it out. Claw doesn't have to tell you what a mask can do for your persona and reputation.

By the way, hey Crusher, pay no attention to the pic. Don't want to see your ass creeping up on me like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Monday, February 7, 2011

R.I.P. Gary Moore

I just read that one-time Thin Lizzy guitarist and solo artist, Gary Moore, passed away yesterday. Here's a link to my man Steven Seaweed of The Bone, about a story involving Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) and Gary Moore:

My first hearing of him was while at KRQR in 1990, right before I left, when Still Got The Blues came out. Great stuff. Did a cover of Orbison's Oh Pretty Woman. But the solo on the title track, is the air bomb. If you listen, you can hear him hit the lead pedal, and the rest is history.

If you can find anything of his in your collection, or online, do so, and air it out of respect.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Chase Is Better Than The Catch..

In honor of the recent show, Hot Lixx celebrating with the godfather himself. Absynthe anyone? Nice sandwich, dudes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Zona In Da Hizzah..

First, the Claw disclaimer. Our elite force, based on the sheer comraderie of all, air guitar will always be the foundation, but as a secondary family, Claw would like to think, and prefers to believe, has transcended. This means whatever happens in our lives, each of us are welcome to the events of others, air guitar-related, OR NOT.

After all, as much as air guitar means to the Claw, seeing other air guitarists playing actual, real, guitar, technically, should be considered a sin, as dictated by the air guitar gods, but Claw extends a pass anyway. Call it a mulligan. But only to family members.

Claw will update soon on the tri-gathering (Hot Lixx, Cold Steel, Awesome) at Gilman this evening, for which Claw was unable to attend. He did have a chance to swing by for a cameo at our correspondent's gallery get-together. That would be April Air-Niel's soiree, at her homebase, the Cafe Royale, at Post/Leavenworth. It was a composite of 8 different artists in the field of photography. April was prominently displayed, aside all the other, dare I say, inferior, wall-mounted attempts at capturing something in the still of the moment.

But seriously, folks, it was a nice display of the world around us, in color, and black 'n'white, for all to see. O'Niel was the shizziel. Nice work, Zona, the mastadona, of the new world.

Of course, Claw wouldn't be Claw without stirring up the shiznit by swearing, hot damn, not a single shot of one of us on stage, doin' our thang, holdin' nothin' in biggie. That's reserved for another day, when it's all about us, and nothing else. All in good time.

Like Claw says, it's about you and what you're doing, and not about us and what we're doing...

"In space, no one can hear you play."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy New Year / Gung Hay Fat Choy

Greetings special forces. 2011 promises to be an exciting year, so say the air guitar gods. It's still off-season, but stuff is always happening. Sometimes, more than one on the same day. Here's a couple events coming up this Thursday, which also happens to be Chinese New Year. I suppose the fact that Cold Steel Renegade is performing, in the Year of the Hair, i mean, Hare, is no coincidence. Also present will be Awesome, who's got some hair of his own, even though it comes off after the performance (heh heh), and Hot Lixx Hulahan. (one of Claw's resolutions for 2011 is the aquisition of wheels, so he can finally get around to these shows that are currently out of his reach) Here's the invite:

"Hey folks... Cold Steel Renegade here to let you know about an upcoming show this Thursday at THE GILMAN in Berkeley. Come watch me break wind and get your face melted in the process, as I violently milk notes from a guitar resulting from advanced delusions. If that wasn't enough, there will be performances by local comedian Alex Koll AKA Air Guitar legend [Awesome], 2008 Air Guitar WORLD Champ Hot Lixxx Hulahan, and Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggits. To see you there would be a blessing, and potentially arousing."

It's at Gilman in Berkeley, which, aside from the fact it's two days away, and short notice, may not necessarily be possible for many, but if you can show up, show your support.

Locally, our resident SF AirForce correspondent, April Air-Neil (Christine Zona), has an event going on at the Cafe Royale on 800 Post St. and Leavenworth. It's called "Together Forever". Here are the details:

"Together Forever is a photography show that captures the human spirit in all its glory. Featuring the works of 7 Bay Area photographers:

Christine Zona:
I'm a toy camera addict. I was voted the 3rd Best Portrait Photographer in the Bay Area. I love making the mundane seem otherworldly. My best photographs are full of emotion, textures, and surprises."

You can view the other six at this link:

Also up on the Air-Niel blog, is a piece on our own Alex Koll, aka Awesome. Claw apologies for the delay, since this was posted back in November of 2010.

If any of youz got info on upcoming showz, send The Claw a shout-out, and I'll pass along the 411.

Welcome to the new year. Both of them.

"Lions are cool, but Tiger rulz."